Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ball Monkey Wacks NYC Building

An overpaid ball-monkey drove his aeroplane into a giant building yesterday

and suddenly the news of the day is all about the terrible loss of an idiot with so much cash he could afford to wack his vehicle into a building in downtown New York.
Give me a break!
Baseball player Cory Lidle had been flying for only seven months when he ended his life (and the life of his still unidentified passenger) by piloting his plane into the side of a 50-story building.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, George of the jungle, informs the world that the Repugnicans are going to win in November and he's not going to bomb North Korea, because gee whizz, dey got der own bomb!
Nevermind that they might use their N-thang on the 35,000 military troops we have stationed in South Korea as well as on our allies in Japan, he doesn't say.

Of course the boy prince can't and won't say the same thing about Iran, 'cuz they ain't got the N-thang yet and besides, he's got a holy war to wage.

Meanwhile the USof A is paying Halliburton major million dollar big bucks to build the first American Concentration Camps while various subprimates in the US House of Representatives are trying to pass a couple of different bills that would overrule the 22nd Amendment, prohibiting any (Republican) President from holding the office for more than eight years.

Groped a House Page recently?

Speaking of groping young men, according to the major moron media headlines, no one cares anymore that Mark Foley — the widely known to be a disgraced, self-loathing, homosexual, child-molesting, right-wing, attack-dog former Congressional Representative from Florida, who shamed our country by playing grab ass with 16 year olds instead of paying attention to legislation while old and impotent fuck-sticks like Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and George of the Jungle looked the other way — fades from the headlines.

We all might as well vote Republican, they're all equally venal and corrupt.

After all hell breaks loose, after diabolical Diebold and it's sister in sin and devil-worship, Election Systems and Software (ESS) steal the next election, too, what do you say to the idea that we humanists, we lovers of freedom and the American Way, do a little ethnic cleasing of the Republican registered voters in our local precincts?

I'm not suggesting anything against the laws of the land, mind you, just a little patriotic homeland defense against the enemies of our way of life, at home as well as abroad.

What do you think?

Naah. I'm just going to wait
...for the knock on the door the middle of the night.
You, too?
See you at the stadium...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Groucho Marx called them Republicrats.

Do they have an FBI file on you yet?

I hate the fuckin' Yankees.

8:11 PM  

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