Sunday, October 15, 2006

How the election was rigged, and by whom

According to Clinton Eugene Curtis, the computer programmer who actually wrote the code that rigged the 2000 election, that election’s results (and probably all elections since then) were a complete fraud.

Curtis testified to this before Congressman John Conyer’s Voting Forum on December 13, 2004. During his testimony, he identified current Republican Congressman Tom Feeney as the person who requested the software.

Of course you haven't heard or read about this in the news, but you can watch Curtis testify before Congress by selecting the words ‘Voting Forum‘ above.

Curtis wrote this program in October of 2000, one month prior to the 2000 national election, specifically at the request of Feeney. At that time Feeney was the Republican Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives as well as a close political associate and personal friend to Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

One month later Feeney lead the Republican Party’s efforts to certify the state's Republican presidential electors while the state’s results were still disputed. Feeney and his colleagues asserted that Florida's electoral votes would be lost if the state’s popular vote was legally challenged.

One web-based organization identifies Feeney as one of the most corrupt members of Congress today. Feeney is facing a tough re-election challenge from his old nemesis, Clinton Eugene Curtis!

The company Curtis worked for, the company that Feeney was associated with as its lobbyist, Yang Enterprises, Inc., was subsequently involved in a scandal involving the selling US military secrets to the Chinese, including nuclear weapons related technology.

A rather horrific synopsis of the Wang affair and several alleged murders related to Yang Enterprises activities can be found at Insider Magazine. Warning: awful and violent images are found on this referenced website.


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