Thursday, November 16, 2006

The real war

We are in a war for our very survival, and it's not with the Iraqi or Saudi Arabia (although I'm not sure we shouldn't be at war with this country that funds terrorism around the world, by the by pictured at right is President George W Bush mouth kissing Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah), nor are we at war with Islam.

We are at war with our selves. As modern humans we are destroying the ability of the Earth to support human life, our life, and we are doing this for the most pathetic of reasons -- short-term personal profit for a very limited number of people, some would reasonably say, for the personal benefit of an inconsequential number of people.

We need to change the paradigm from one of personal benefit to one of human benefit, within a global perspective that benefits all living creatures.

The class war currently being waged against the poor and the middle class will destroy the planet.

Capitalism must be constrained or we will not survive.

We don't live in a capitalistic economic system, despite what pubic school teachers and chamber of commercial officials would say. We live in a highly leveraged, completely corrupted economic system that has been jiggered to benefit the wealthy while spoon-feeding platitudes about equal opportunity, and 'anyone can grow up to be president', to the growing number of unwashed, illiterate, uneducated American masses.


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