Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Watch 'em in the privacy of your own home

A friend of mine, who works at high levels of government in international affairs, was recently in China. He returned with a 'joke': "China's population is impossible to count. So we round it off to something between 1.2 and 1.5 billion. America's population is 300 million. America ... just a rounding error."

If you want to know where we're headed and what we're doing, it's all on DVD. Take 'em home and watch 'em. Unlike most of the crap the puppetmasters are peddling, the following movies are worth watching. Afterall it's your tax dollars at work:"The Road to Guantanamo"

I must confess, five years ago I interviewed Michael Winterbottom, the director of "The Road to Guantanamo", for the San Francisco Examiner, and found him to be a most thoughtful and insightful person with a liberal (as in freedom loving) perspective. I'm happy to recommend this movie.

Two more good ones to watch:
"The War Within"

"Paradise Now"

By the by, you'd never know it by reading American newspapers or watching American television, but Pakistan, one of the world's nuclear powers, is tettering on the edge of a potential devastating and globally destablizing civil war brought on by the CIA's murderous "meddling". A CIA instigated "action" recently brought about the deaths of an estimated 80 Pakistani and destablized the country's precarious government.


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