Monday, January 01, 2007

And the new year begins...

Yesterday I wrote about what was wrong with Saddam Hussein's lynching. Today, once again, someone else has said it better. Robert Fisk is one of the most knowledgable and renown reporters of events in the Middle East -- it's a beat he's been covering for decades. Here's his story. The news is out there and it's easy to find, despite the despicable propaganda and lies spread by the mainstream media. The real question is why don't we, honorable just Americans, care enough? Why haven't we the courage to stop the madness?

The whole lynching, including the taunts, the curses and the jeering from from the masked vigilantes in charge can be easily viewed on You Tube. It's not a pretty sight!

But throughout it all, Saddam comes off as the better man, and (worse for the US) now he is a martyr to his nation and his people.

I have to wonder how many of our soldiers will die unnecessarily or be critically wounded as a direct result of this, the latest screw up by the schoolyard bullys, the moral cowards who squat illegally in our White House?

And now more...
'The White House uses the NY Times to wash its hands of this affair' by Glen Greenwald

And this: 'Rank fiction emanating from the White House with the intent of distancing itself from this grotesque affair' penned by Chris Floyd .

To read the original propaganda piece issued by the White House (on how it wasn't responsible for the late night lynching of Saddam Hussein) you'll want to read the original press release dictated to the tarted up war-whore known as the New York Times with lavish and loving personal dictation services performed by Misters John F Burns and Marc Santora.

Get a clue fellow citizens. The whole world is painfully aware that the manner of Saddam Hussein's execution is far too similar to the way in which thousands of African-Americans were 'brought to justice' by hasty late night public lynchings. That time is too recent and too notorious, the world around, for the obvious similarities not to be glaring.


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