Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Putting evil to rest

The White House doesn't understand why so many Americans are horrified and disgusted by the manner and atmosphere in which Saddam Hussein was lynched.

"There seems to be a lot of concern about the last two minutes of Saddam Hussein's life and less about the first 69 years, in which he murdered hundreds of thousands of people," White House press secretary Tony Snowjob whined and mewled to anyone with a TV camera who'd pay attention.

What Snowjob and his Chimp-Master don't understand is this is not about Saddam, who was clearly a murderer and a genocidal despot. This is about us. This is about America. Saddam was our prisoner and our responsibility.

It's no surprise that the same day Snowjob complains that he can't understand the fuss about Saddam's vigilante-style lynching, an FBI report comes out detailing acts of horrific abuse at the American military prison at Guantanamo Bay. There our soldiers are torturing prisoners, in some cases torturing them to death. In one incident an American guard wiped her menstrual blood on a prisoner's face after fondling his genitals! WTF? In another incident a soldier pretended to defecate on a prisoner's holy bible, the Koran (which as I understand also contains the first five books of the Old Testament).

Who is charge? Who is watching? Who is ordering these acts?

Are Americans honorable, civilized people who believe in the rule of law, who believe in a civilized response to horrific crimes? Or are we barbarians like those we deplore?

If we want to be moral examples for the world, if we want to be world leaders, we must act like world leaders not psychopaths and murders. We must uphold higher standards. No civilized person can possibly justify the circumstances surrounding Saddam’s death. No reasonable American, no honor-bound, law-abiding person of integrity can possibly justify, excuse or rationalize the barbaric acts of torture and debasement prisoners of war are receiving right now in secret American military prisons around the world.

While the gutless cowards in the White House, the excuse-giving, draft-dodging, war-profiteers in the White House now blame others for what happens, you and I know the truth and for that I am ashamed.

This beautiful country that I love is showing it’s worst side to the world.
No wonder the nuclear arms race is on again.
If I were the leader of a foreign country I’d be doing everything in my power to assure my people that they were safe from American violence.


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