Friday, January 19, 2007

Tremble as China awakes

In response to the Chimp-in-Chief's military bravado, vis-a-vis turning space into an armed camp, China shot a deadly serious round across the American ship-of-state's bow.

Policy changes instituted a few months ago by the Neanderthal 'Deciders' of our national security declared that Bush & Co. "preserve(d) its rights, capabilities, and freedom of action in space." At the same time our cretins-in-charge threatening to "deny adversaries the use of space capabilities hostile to U.S. national interests."

Last week the Chinese destroyed one of their old weather satellites by smacking it head-on with a mid-range missile. The Chinese did not use an explosive warhead to destroy the target, graphically demonstrating that their missile was extremely accurate -- capable of physically hitting a very small orbiting object approximately 500 miles away.

"For several years, the Russians and Chinese have been trying to push a treaty to ban space weapons," Theresa Hitchens, director of the Center for Defense Information told the New York Times. Of course our glorious leader wants nothing to do with anything that might restrain his dreams of empire. The Bush administration has long resisted signing a global treaty banning the military use of space, claiming the U.S needs to be free to militarize space.

A lot of good America's "rights, capabilities, and freedom of action" are going to be if Walmart's favorite trading partner decides it should be in control of military operations in space. With the fastest growing economy in the world, the largest population in the world, and an educational system that's churning out top-shelf scientists faster than we can dumb down our educational curriculum, China represents a formidable potential adversary. In an armed conflict, the Chinese could lose more the 600 million of it's citizens and still have a population three times the size of America.

Meanwhile Bush & Co. threaten nearly every country in the world, generating enormous sympathy for America and solidarity with our fellow humans around the world.

Now even Jordan wants to establish a nuclear 'energy' program.


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