Thursday, February 01, 2007

500 channels and nothing to watch?

Maybe there's a reason....
In 1983 there were 50 major corporations that provided the overwhelming portion of our daily media diet.
Today there are five!

Check it out:

Now would you be surprised if I told you the same people who own a major share of the corporations that make all the crap you think you want ...
also own a substantial portion of the corporations that tell you to buy that crap?

It gets better!

The same people who own the corporations that 'report' the news that makes you feel bad, that makes you fearful, with all those awful stories about those terrible evil-doers who want to do evil things to you and your family...
those same people own the corporations that make the crap we buy for our good guys so they can defend us against those bad guys!


Isn't it great that life is so simple?

It's just kinda like a cat-and-rat factory.
For information on rats go to

or you can make your voice a vote for change.
By the by, they're trying to lock up the internet, too! Sign the petition. Let your elected representative feel a little fear for a change.


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