Saturday, February 10, 2007

It (was) a Saturday matinee

Kids may say the darndest things but they've got an excuse.
There's no excuse for this.

Sorry, the corporate clowns that own the world you live in have demanded that remove their copyrighted material showing exactly how horrifically uneducated the average American citizen actual is. The video that used to link here was of dozens of average Americans being asked about the world we live in. Needless to say, most of the folks interviewed were astonishingly ignorant while at the same time incredibly belligerent, insisting that we bomb countries such as France, Italy, and especially Iran, because those countries had 'attitude,'even though most of them had no idea where on the globe those 'bad' countries were located!

By the by, this is John Howard.

He's the Prime Minister of Australia, which is a country and continent located in the Southern Hemisphere, often referred to as 'Down Under' or 'Oz.'

Australia also is a member of what President Bush called the 'Coalition of the Willing.'As of today, February 10th, 2007 3,121 American soldiers have given their lives in Iraq for Bush's lies. Two Australian soldiers have paid the ultimate price for John Howard's lies.

This weekend P.M. Howard criticized American Presidential candidate Barack Obama demanding that we immediately begin to end the American war on the people of Iraq.

'If Prime Minister Howard truly believes what he says, perhaps his country should find its way to contribute more than just 1,400 troops so some American troops can come home,' said Robert Gibbs, spokesman for Senator Barack Obama. 'It's easy to talk tough when it's not your country or your troops making the sacrifices.'


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