Thursday, February 08, 2007


Sometimes, while reading the news (mainly on the internet because the newspapers in the SF Bay Area are so absolutely inconsequential that I can read each of them in less than ten minutes, including the time I spend carefully analyzing and appreciating the funny pages and the advice columns) I feel like puking.

While every day I think of several stories that should be brought to the public's attention, in following those stories I'm forced to wade through deep pits of decay and decrepitude, the rotten flesh of a corrupt and immoral press. Too often I'm so sickened by the inadequacy and the complicity of the so-called professionals of the press that I'm literally taken ill.

Is it any wonder that so many Americans don't bother to read the news?
Why care when the most incredible corruption results in nothing?

Why bother when blathering-idiot Chris Matthews and 'nationalist' propagandist Brit Hume and disgraced former NY Times reporter Judith Miller and Dick Cheney's favorite lap dog NBC bureau chief Tim Russert are avidly covering the blatherings of psychopathic liars like Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, rather then reporting news.

Hey, give us another story of Speaker Pelosi's giant airplane without bothering to fact check anything. (Yeah, her's is bigger then his but who's surprised? While Dennis Hastert is a prick, it's clear he doesn't have one.)

I guess it's all just so much entertainment...

...unless the bombs falling, are falling on you and me.


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