Friday, February 02, 2007

Supporting our troops?

The President of the United States, George W. 'Bin Bush' accuses the Iranian government of funding and fomenting revolt in Iraq, which has cost our soldiers lives. Now he wants to bomb Iran. Unfortunately the truth is much more disturbing.

As was the case with the '9/11' hijackers, 'Bin Bush's' good friends in Saudi Arabia have been picking up the tab, using money we spend on gasoline to murder our uniformed troops in Iraq.

In an unlikely act of media responsibility, USA Today has published a news report detailing how Saudi's most affluent families are funding Iraqi 'insurgents,' paying for the weapons responsible for so many America deaths.

Like Judas, President 'Bin Bush' betrays U.S. for pieces of silver.

How many American soldiers in Iraq will it take before the American people know too many soldiers have died?

For those with a shorter memory than mine, 11 of the 19 '9/11' hijackers were Saudi Arabian and most of the funding for the deadliest attack ever to occur on American soil came from Saudi Arabia's most affluent families. The Bin Ladin's are Saudi Arabians and were good friends and business partners with the Bush family, too.

For those with a limited knowledge of global politics, the picture at the top is of
President George 'Bin Bush' mouth kissing Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, a member of the Saudi royal family. The entire Bush family currently is ... and for generations has been ... like brothers to the Saudi family, for whom Saudi Arabia was named.

Fundamentally, Saudi Arabia is a Sunni-dominated country, their mortal enemies are Shia. Fundamentally, Iran is a Shia-dominated country, their mortal enemies are Sunni. Are there any questions about why Bush wants to bomb Iran, now?

Maybe the Repugnican traitors on the 'air' like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter and Michael Savage will get behind the move to change our nation's name to 'Bush America.'


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