Thursday, April 19, 2007

One hundred to one

Today, April 19th, is the 12th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

On this day in 1995, Timothy McVeigh, a decorated Gulf War I vet took the lives of 168 Americans of all ages. Mr McVeigh was a hero of that first and awful war. It's widely believed Mr McVeigh had help, lots of it, but only he was executed for that horrible act of violence.

On Monday this week, a mad man, a young and disturbed college student, took the lives of thirty-three Americans at a school in Virginia.

The mainstream media has been blathering about it non-stop for days now. He didn't have any help, except for the fellow who sold him the guns and ammunition, and in the end, he took his own life.

On that same Monday another milestone was marked, not widely noted, not in the press, not by the President of the United States.
On Monday, April 16, the number of America soldiers killed in Gulf War II hit 3,300.

One hundred to one. That's quite a tally. You'd think there would be a little noise about the ever growing death toll, about reaching another horrific milestone, but you'd be wrong.

Of course, the death count doesn't include the merely catastrophically injured.

It's estimated that there are eight horribly injured soldiers for every dead soldier. That adds up to approximately 25,000 ruined lives.

The number of innocent Iraqi civilians killed so far is estimated to be between 62,086 and 655,000. Many, many, many more have been injured

There can be no explanations.

No one can explain why those thirty-three young and promising students died in Virginia on Monday. It's not possible to explain random acts of insanity.

Timothy McVeigh explained the deaths of his 168 victims in Oklahoma City They were collateral damage in an undeclared war for America's heart and soul, he said. Of course, he was completely insane.

George Bush, the pretender to the throne we cast-off over 200 years ago, frequently tries to explain why so many of our young and promising American soldiers have died.
It's for our freedoms, he says.
Or it's to protect us from the terrorist.
...or to keep the war over there instead of over here.
...or whatever. The explanations change regularly but remain meaningless and dishonest.

And of the Iraqi dead? No one tries to explain why so many innocent Iraqi citizens have died. No one can say why so many innocent Iraqi must be so horribly injured.

In fact, no one in a position of authority in the country responsible even bothers to keep count. That's official: "We don’t do body counts” -- General Tommy Franks, US Central Command

It's not possible to explain random acts of insanity.

Have a nice day.


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