Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Empire is Naked

The pretend prince in the People's House says that his Iraq war architect didn't do anything which would warrant being fired. Of course, Bush would say such a thing. There's nothing any of his lackey friends can do, no matter how sordid, stupid or corrupt, that will rise to a firing offense in George-BushWorld. I frankly expect the jerk in the White House to give Paul Wolfowitz one of those "Freedom Medals" he passes out to all his incompetent and corrupt pals and associates.

America is naked.
It's not just our would-be 'king' who wears no clothes. We have become, in six short years, the new Uganda of the world. We're naked and the world is laughing at us. Our military is bogged down, crushed and defeated in an unwinnable war.

Our financial house is being propped up, like the house of cards it is, by Saudi despots and shrewed Chinese capitalists -- strictly for their own benefit and only so long as it suits their needs.

We've lost all moral authority, and we've shown the world that we are no different than those sheep-like Germans who allowed Hitler to destroy their country.
Like pre-war Germans, we believe we are a master race, accountable to no one.

Well, a day of accounting is coming and all the histrionic pretend-patriots who blather on about America's might would do well to study history, to see what actually happened in Germany shortly after that country was defeated.

The German death camps were immediately filled with German citizens and soldiers. (Can you say 'Gitmo'?) Millions of German women were viciously and repeatedly raped by the victors, including the 'good boys' in the US military. As you might imagine, the suicide rate among those women was horrific. Some American generals suggested we should turn all of Germany into a slave labor camp.

Fortunately, in the end, a few good American leaders turned those impulses around. We did the honorable thing and helped Germany get back on its feet.

I just hope the enemies we're making today have a few honorable leaders as well.


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