Sunday, April 27, 2008

Supporting the troops

With the media totally owned and co-opted by corporate interests, citizen journalists have become our eyes and ears. Watch this for a look at how those who 'support the troops' really feel about our soldiers.

Update: May Day
The power of the Citizen's Press.
This is a fine example of how Main Stream Media ought to work but doesn't.

Wednesday Senator Russ Feingold (Democrat of course, from Wisconsin) demanded that the Army look into and repair the horrific conditions at Ft. Bragg, as exposed by one of the Senator's constituents (see video above). Low and behold, the Army immediately responded by repairing the derelict facilities.

The Army insists it is now examining all of its residential buildings to assure that they all meet minimum standards for habitation. (Yeah, sure... All I can say is take your cameras and post the results on the web.)


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