Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Congressional Calculus

Vile Ct. Senator Joe Lieberman makes me physically ill but I support keeping him on our side for now, and only until he screws up again, which won't be long. Here's why...

...having lived through the Sixties, when Liberals were far more likely to eat their own then figure out how to get what they wanted, I understand and agree with the carefully calculated considerations made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President-Elect Barack Obama when dealing with the backstabbing former DemocRATic Vice Presidential candidate.

Lieberman tossed out of his precious chairman's seat at this moment in history would begin the wonderful and golden Obama era with a cat-shit flinging contest that would leave everyone stinky, and an angry resentful Lieberman hell-bent on sabotage while closely allied with our Repugnican enemies.

Letting the whiny self-obsessed Senator stay where he is (chairmanship intact) keeps us close enough to 60 filibuster-proof seats to create momentum for the necessary high-wire Acts of Congress we're going to need to keep this country afloat and (hopefully) to build a progressive agenda regarding foreign policy, energy policy, infrastructure reinvestment, etc. If Lieberman plays to character and goes bad, siding with the dark forces, he can get kicked to the gutter at any moment and he knows it.

Besides, he never held a hearing while Bush was in office, he'll have far less opportunity to do so with Obama in the People's sacred White House.

Anyway you add it up, baring an act of God, Lieberman is toast by the end of his current term. (It's true, to reclaim in lost honor he could become a great hard-driving Democratic Senator, personally responsible for pushing through the most liberal agenda in America history, but that's not likely to happen.)

Alternatively, Lieberman is more likely to be Lieberman, close enough to the Democratic Party to allow us to move forward, while he best represents the interests of his true constituents, the people of Israel.

If he goes off the rails he becomes an even more damaged Lieberman, but in six months time, he has far less value to the Repugs and they'll have even less to offer him.

To see Lieberman in a few years, one only needs to look to Zell Miller, he who now lingers in Repugnican Hell, playing the sideshow circuit in their nightmare circus, strictly a freakshow character rather than a revered and respected former leader.

I can live with that.


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