Saturday, September 09, 2006

Eat a horse, go to prison

Eat a horse, go to prison
I'm very amused that our U.S. Congress spent the first week after its August recess deciding to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption. As is so often the case, despite the fervent wishes and wet dream fantasies of the Great Fly Over, once again California led the way while the rest of the nation blindly and stupidly stumbles after in lockstep.

The other thing I find ironic, is that none of the wrinkled old gals and geldings that support this ridiculous piece of legislation have any idea of the profoundly Christian and historic precedents of this decision. For it is only horsemeat that the Christian religion (actually the Pope for all you anti-Papists) prohibits Christians from eating!
In 732 after the Frankish and Burgundian Chevaliers (horse riding knights) turned back the Muslim Hordes (also on horse back) led by Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi at the Battle of Tours, and allegedly saved Europe from total domination and subjugation by the Muslims, Pope Gregory II issued a Papal Bull declaring that horse meat was unfit for Christian consumption.
Of course the Muslims ruled the rest of Europe, and especially Spain until roughly the Renaissance.
Did you know that Spain was the site of the first European university? Another Muslim invention.
And did you know that all religious beliefs were accepted and allowed in Spain during Muslim rule.
Of course then the Catholics took over and forced the Muslims and the Jews from Spain ...oh and invented the Inquisition.

Welcome to the medieval ages, boys and girls. Looks like we're in another Crusade.


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