Thursday, October 22, 2009

tell me a story? Pleasssssssssssse!!!!

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a big city far away. No matter how she tried, love was hard to find. She would see someone that was fun to look at but when she got close their feet were too big, or hair grew out of their noses, or their mommy's were too close or too far away. The worst that might happen is she would love them but then they would discover that her feet were too small, or there were two hairs that grew out of her belly button, or that they didn't like the color of her eyes as much as they thought they should have.

She was certain she would never find love and if she didn't find love she would never be happy. She didn't understand that being happy would make her irresistible to love. She didn't understand that Father Time had a plan and that what she thought she wanted wasn't what she wanted at all. Life is about swimming in the waters of time but not drowning.

Every fish is perfect for the purpose it was made. Every person lovable to just the right person at just the right time. And what's really funny it that there are soooo many 'just the right persons,' if you give yourself time. It's easy to want what's not available, it's hard to be happy right now, especially when everyone else seems so happy.

It didn't seem fair to the little girl but Father Time smiled at her just the same and told her everything was working out just as it should. If only she would let herself be happy, nothing else would really matter, and all that she wanted, and especially all that she needed, would come her way at just the right time.
love and kisses.
the end